Valerie Ramsey

Model,  Published Author,  Motivational Speaker,  Magazine Editor

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Creating What’s Next with Valerie Ramsey


On Feminine Roadmap meet Valerie Ramsey, model, author and speaker as she talks about creating what's next. Valerie is an inspiring woman who was a stay at home wife and mother of 6 children who then built her professional life beginning at the age of 53! Creating What's Next grew out of her own amazing journey of starting “at the bottom” as she navigated what she believed were going to be the next best years of her life. Grab a cuppa something wonderful, a girlfriend, and get comfy because this is one you don't want to miss!!


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Valerie Ramsey


Thrilled to be included in the September issue of Vogue Japan in

"A Talk on Ageless Power."

The piece featured 12 women over 70 from all over the world whom they considered influential. Now if I could only read

Japanese! They asked me questions based on articles, books and speeches

centered on Creating What's Next.

Thank you, Vogue Japan!


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“I began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63,  became a published author and speaker at 68,

and became a magazine editor at 76”