Valerie Ramsey

Model,  Published Author,  Motivational Speaker,  Magazine Editor

“I began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63,  became a published author and speaker at 68,

and became a magazine editor at 76”

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Valerie Ramsey, Speaker

Creating What’s Next – Gracefully


Valerie Ramsey is a popular speaker on the national and international circuit, a role she never would have imagined for herself several years ago.  However, as her life progressed from wife and mother in her twenties and thirties, to the corporate world in her fifties, to modeling in her sixties, (while still maintaining her position as public relations/media manager for Pebble Beach Resorts), to authoring two books in her sixties and early seventies, and ultimately to launching a new career as Executive Editor of Fabulously 50 Magazine in her mid-seventies, she has found herself to be increasing demand as a speaker.


Every time Valerie was interviewed for a television show or for a magazine or newspaper, she was invariably asked, “How did you get to this point in your life?” and the answer was that ever since she had been a little girl, she had looked forward to discovering “What’s Next.”  It had become the blue print for the way her life evolved.  Furthermore, she quickly discovered that people everywhere were asking themselves the same questions, and she found them looking to her for answers!  Here was someone who had walked in her footsteps, had reached a transitional point in her life, and had figured out how to have a new chapter, a new beginning.  How did she do it?


In her warm and natural way of speaking, in which she immediately makes the audience feel so comfortable just being in her presence that it’s more like a coffee klatch than a speech, Valerie answers such questions as:


  • How do I figure out What’s Next?
  • What do I do if a great opportunity drops in my lap but I haven’t got the confidence to go  after it?   Or the knowledge?  Or the experience?
  • What do I do if just as I am launching my great new What’s Next, a serious health challenge threatens to end my dream before it’s even begun?
  • How do I find the confidence I need to get through an event that has me nervous and full of butterflies?
  •  What are the most important things I can do to move forward?
  • How did you manage to balance part-time or freelance work with a full-time job?
  • What are the first steps I should take if I’m interested in modeling?
  • How can I get over my fear of public speaking – and actually learn to embrace it?




Valerie explains how she faced these exact same issues herself and gives the answers that worked for her, illustrating them with humorous, behind-the-scenes stories from her own experiences in the PR and modeling worlds.  Afterwards, she opens the floor to a Q&A where she is quick to emphasize that after raising six children and having all of the experiences she’s had since then, there is very little that can embarrass or intimidate her.  For those who would rather speak to her privately rather than in a public forum, she stays behind to meet them in person after the event is over and the crowds have dispersed.  Meeting people personally, both before and after she speaks, is a big part of what Valerie is all about.  She loves the engagement with her audiences.


Valerie is represented by Premiere  Motivational Speakers Bureau and Masterpiece Living Speakers Bureau.  She happily travels all over the country to deliver her inspirational talks.  She and her husband, Wally, live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


Valerie is the author of:

Creating What’s Next – Gracefully (2013)

Gracefully – Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age (2008)


Valerie is represented by:

Premiere Speakers Bureau, Franklin, TN

Contact: Brandon Edmonson


Letters to

Valerie Ramsey



"You are so inspirational. A lot of people are beautiful, but they do not all have the gift of such a warm personality, vision for how to use their gifts and business acumen that you have. You make me want to do great things!"



" are the light that shines on the path of inspiration!!! AMAZING!!!  I am so proud to know you!"



"Valerie you project so beautifully, relaxed, approachable and happy!"



"I just wanted to tell you I saw you on television today and you are absolutely a gorgeous woman. Most women could only hope to age as beautifully as you have. You are an inspiration to all women. I am running out to buy your book tomorrow."



"Congrats on your amazing Today show appearance!"



"You were so calm, so funny and so inspiring. You're amazing on TV."



"It totally made my day/week/year to see you! You are such a positive, glowing force, and YES an inspirational role model for the rest of us at all ages."



"It was nice to have crossed paths with someone as positive as yourself.  Your husband, children, family and friends all must be very proud of you."



"You were amazing this morning on the Today Show!  Judith, Joe and I all marveled at how good you were, especially when you were handling the questions from Kathie Lee—they weren’t easy!"



"There are not enough words to express the essence of you!"



Thank you Valerie, for being you. You are so polished and have it so together I admire and strive to become like you as I continue in my personal growth."



"You are a delight and a GIFT to every woman on the planet."


Susan Liddy, Aspire Life Coaching



"You looked great and sounded even better.  Congrats."


John Aherne

Senior Editor  McGraw-Hill Professional

2 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10121

phone 212.904.3332

"Beauty is such a big wide glorious thing,.  At 18 it might be luxurious hair and perfect features.  But as we grow older, we discover that it is so much more…. It is about curiosity, intelligence, creativity, generosity, spreading joy, loving, being true to yourself, having wonder, growing…”

"Project a positive body image.  To have internal energy, and let it just exude and bubble out.”


"You can do anything you want to do.  You take it from the inside… you decide what you want and you go with it, and when you have one of those days when you wake up feeling sort of tired, forget it - put it on the back burner and forge ahead anyway.”


"You talk positively to yourself and you tell yourself that you are doing great and you can do this and you take good care of yourself”


"I think younger women are looking at women of our generation and seeing that we are real, that we are continuing to be involved, that we have something very dynamic to offer to the world, and that real beauty comes from, above all, self confidence and from having the courage to be ourselves.  It comes from the wisdom we have acquired over the years, from vibrancy and excitement about being involved in life.  It is when all of these things are in the inside and shine through on the outside – that is what real beauty is all about.”


"The point it to just keep growing and expanding from within in whatever direction is right for you.”


"I think that anyone who has a dream or a goal, something fun and challenging that they would like to try, I tell them definitely – just put your sites on that goal and do it.  From my own experience, I think it is more exciting in your 50’s , 60’s and 70’s to see a dream come true or to achieve a new goal because at that age you don’t really expect it.  You appreciate it so much more than you might have in your 20’s!  If Wilhelmina Models had offered me a contract when I was 20, it wouldn’t have meant nearly as much to me then as it did at 72!..Life is full of unexpected surprises, for sure.”

Valerie Ramsey is a firm believer that life is an adventure we create for ourselves, and that we are never too old to have a new dream or to celebrate a new success.


Speaking Engagements


• Central California Women's Conference 2018


• Palm Beach Yacht Club


• PEN Women Palm Beach


Palm Beach Round Table 


• Juno Beach Civic Association


• Panhellenic Alumnae – Abacoa


• Palm Beach Yacht Club Author's Dinner


• Hibel Museum of Art 


• Clicking in, The Colony


Stephanie Kantis Jewelry


•  Executive Women of the Palm Beaches.


•  Keynote speaker American Heart Assoc. Go Red for Women, Palm Beach

   Gardens, Pebble Beach, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Los Angeles


• Palm Beach Yacht Club


• Medtronic Corp.


• Women & Fashion, Palm Beach, FL,


• Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, FL


• Lost Tree Golf Club, Hobe Sound, FL


• Hobe Sound, FL Women’s Club & Library System


• Keynote speaker American Cancer Society, Fairfield County, CT


• American Cancer Society “Celebration of Life” Monterey, CA


• Sabadell Bank & Trust  (Palm Beach, N Palm Beach, Naples & Sarasota)


• PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


• AHA/Morgan Stanley , NYC


• “What Women Want” women’s expo, Kingsport, TN -  12,000 women


• Presenter: Zoomer Media’s first annual CARP conference – A New Vision on

   Aging – Toronto, Ontario


• National Medical Association: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Leadership Conference,

   Washington DC


• UC Irvine, Irvine, CA


• American Association of University Women – Clinton, CT


• Town & Country Club, San Francisco


• Silicon Valley Capitol Club


• Metropolitan Club, San Francisco, CA


• The Buckingham, Houston, TX


• Querencia, Austin, TX


• The Deerfield, Des  Moines, IA


• Peconic Landing, Long Island, NY


• The Longwood, Verona, PA


• Masterpiece Living Lyceum


• Orchard Brands, Chicago, IL