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Model,  Published Author,  Motivational Speaker,  Magazine Editor

Valerie Ramsey, Speaker

Gracefully – Looking & Being Your Best at Any Age

Creating What’s Next – Gracefully


Already a popular speaker on the national circuit,    Valerie Ramsey  has just been named to the Masterpiece Living Speakers Bureau (see  Her role as a speaker is one she never would have imagined for herself several years ago.  However, as her life progressed from wife and mother in her twenties and thirties, to the corporate world in her fifties, to modeling in her sixties, (while still maintaining her position as public relations/media manager for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts), and finally to authoring two books in her sixties and early seventies, she found herself in increasing demand as a speaker.


The path wasn’t always easy for Valerie, as she faced both cancer and heart disease just as her career was taking off.  Not to be deterred, she persevered and went on to make the second half of her life even more phenomenal than the first half had been.  Today at 74 she is still involved in new projects – and still looking around the corner to see “What’s Next.”


Topics based on her own life experience focus on subjects such as:

• Creating What’s Next.  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been

• Resilience – the Art of Bouncing Back

• Fit, Young & Vital – Insider Secrets & Professional Tips on Looking & Feeling Your Best at

   Any Age

• Nourish Your Soul & Enrich Your Life – Connecting Body Mind & Soul.  The importance of

   fostering relationships and tips on how to do it.

• An interactive discussion on What it Means/Feels Like to be Ageless


In a Q&A she answers such questions as:

• How do I adapt to new changes in my life?

• What do I do if an interesting opportunity drops in my lap but I haven’t got the confidence

   or the energy to go after it??

• What do I do if just as I am embracing something new, a serious challenge threatens to

   end my plan before it has even begun?

• How do I find the confidence I need to get through trying something new that has me

   nervous and full of butterflies?

• What are the most important things I can do to move forward?

• And of course, what are your thoughts about growing older – naturally and gracefully?


To illustrate the life lessons she has learned along the way, Valerie tells interesting and funny behind-the-scenes stories taken from the modeling and media worlds, and from her 15 years in PR with Pebble Beach Resorts.  (She was working there when Clint Eastwood and partners purchased the property and she even went so far as to bring Oprah out to play the 18th hole with Clint and his wife, Dina!)


Valerie has been a frequent guest on The TODAY Show, Fox News, Hollywood Extra, and many others.  In addition to the Masterpiece Living Speakers Bureau, she is with Premiere Motivational Speakers and is represented by Wilhelmina Models, New York and Miami, and Masters Models Silver, Paris.  She and her husband live in south Florida.  They are the parents of six and grandparents of eight.


Valerie is the author of:

Creating What’s Next – Gracefully (2014)

Gracefully – Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age




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“I began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63, became a published author and speaker at 68,

and became a magazine editor at 76"